Now You Can Book A B&B Room Using a Smartphone


Now you can book a B & B room using a smartphone

Established back in Year 2000, Linford Stables B and B has finally got a new website which is designed to be responsive on mobile devices, smart phones, tablets and laptops – not just desktop PC’s and MAC’s.

Why such a long wait I hear you ask? It’s because Gail, who runs both Linford Stables and web design, has been busy creating new websites for other clients so there was simply no time to update her own website 🙁

Well that’s all changed now and we do hope you like the new look and feel, responsiveness and the inbuilt B & B booking / enquiry engine, designed to make it even easier to book your next stay at Linford Stables B and B.

We’ve also got a new logo! Let us know what you think below or READ MORE here.